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Default Re: Australia's History; Pyramids, Egyptian Glyphs, more!

"Big" things have never really struck me with awe, like the little, and "missing" details of life, so the Gympie Pyramid (one of, I believe, 10, but I haven't found that link again, yet) I'll leave to the pyramid buffs.

It's the questions, the following questions raise, that 'get me in'.
At this link;


The entire complex has suffered repeated cyclone activity and a great deal of erosion - proof of great antiquity. The annals of ancient history associate the names of Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt and Ethiopia, King Solomon of Israel and Hiram, the Phoenician of Tyre with three year voyages to Ophir - identified by historians with Australia in the era of around 1000 BC. In the era 90 AD, Ophir was stated by historians to be owned by India In so much as great controversy exists, pertinent to ancient history, it is believed that excavations of the site will open old doors long shut and ventí many similar artifacts and petroglyphs found all over Australia relative to Egyptian, Israeli and Cananite history.

This site and other sites recently discovered point to an as-yet undocumented culture of sea trading by ancient Phoenicians and in as much as this site has not yet been excavated and existing artifacts have been collected from the surface, it is predicted that archaeological investigation may well re-write Australian history out of Sarina. However, the deep and abiding concern of people involved here is that the site may be vandalised.

Part One of this analysis will be followed in 12 months by an expanded Part 2 embracing other sites on the coast relative to the phenomena.
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