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Default Re: Australia's History; Pyramids, Egyptian Glyphs, more!

Some tid bits from one of the links (sorry, it wouldn't copy and I lost which one) that tells me we've been deliberately lied to, by the same "line" of peoples, for a very ancient reason.
Source: Maggies Farm No.37 1988

This 92lb basalt rock was unearthed by Andrew Nott from a building site in North Street Toowoomba (Qld) during the digging of foundations for a factory in 1974.

The rock is carved with a solar motif with a stylistic face and heiroglyphs of serpents. Marilyn Pye bought the artifact and flew it to New York where it was identified as belonging to the most ancient Meso-American culture - The La Tolita - pre-Mayan, and estimated at 2000 BC. Due to a series of circumstances, Marilyn became aware of The Hopi Prophecies concerning the return of the true white brother", which tells of a whiter person with two helpres bringing the symbol of the sun to the Hopi. The legend says that if the three come bringing the symbol of the Sun and the Cross, the "great purification" would begin. If the symbol was not returned then the world would be destroyed by another holocaust. (The Hopi Indians believe they survived a former holocaust by retreating underground). The rock finally made it to the Hopi Indians, and the elder Grandfather David became very excited over the rock and said: "This is what we have been waiting for. There are three others to come."
Last century an avenue of ancient large leaf fig trees (native only to southern Europe) were found at Mascot. They could have lined a long vanished road leading to an official residence.

In the same area, near the old Sydney water supply stands a cork tree (also native to southern Europe). It and the fig trees pre-date the arrival of Capt.Cook.
Noted Perth skindiver, Allan Robinson believes he has discovered the remains of an ancient Phoenician tireme off nearby King Sound (WA, Kimberleys, near Derby), where an old prospector earlier dug up a 2700 year old Phoenician inscribed bronze plate.

Other miners claim to have found ancient open cut copper mines in the Kimberley coastal area, wherec
fragments of Palestinian & other pottery have been unearthed.

Similar mines believed to have been dug by Libyans around 2,200 years ago have been located in West Iran, nearby ancient rock inscriptions.
Egyptian heiroglyphs found carved on a 3 - 4ft long stone. Taken away by WA museum and stored in basement.
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