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Default Re: Australia's History; Pyramids, Egyptian Glyphs, more!

More to tthe very early connection between Australia and Sth America;


IN 1975, anthropologists digging at Serra Da Capivara in remote northeast Brazil found a skull in a 43-foot-deep cavern. The cave’s walls were painted with exotic forms, including images of long-extinct giant armadillos. The scientists set aside the skull, as well as some other bones, to gather dust in the National Museum’s huge archives in Rio de Janeiro.

About a year ago, archeologist Walter Neves of the University of Sao Paolo was measuring dozens of ancient skulls when something odd about this one caught his eye. The Brazilian skull, which had belonged to a twenty-year-old female who died in some sort of accident ten millennia ago, had distinct characteristics. It did not appear to be Mongoloid, like those of Native Americans whose ancestors had migrated across the Bering Land Bridge from Asia when past ice ages had lowered world sea levels, but African!

A CAT scan paid for by a British Broadcasting Company documentary team and the National Museum confirmed that this young woman, nicknamed "Luiza" after Africa’s famed human progenitor "Lucy," had the pronounced chin, large nose, and round eyes of an African or an Australian aboriginal. To see Luiza’s story and face, as reconstructed by forensic artist Richard Neave of the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, click here.

Luiza’s "skull dimensions and facial features match most closely the native people of Australia and Melanesia," according to the BBC. Its documentary, Ancient Voices: The Hunt for the First Americans, which aired in Great Britain in early September, shows that ancient Australian rock paintings depict boats with high prows capable of ocean travel. Australia is 8,450 miles from South America, but ancient Polynesians made very long island-hopping voyages across the Pacific. Ancient Australians, whose ancestors left Africa around 100,000 years ago, might successfully have done likewise.
But now we have solid scientific evidence that among the earliest settlers of the Americas were people of African ancestry, people whose skin presumably was not red or brown but ebony.

According to the BBC documentary, a few of their descendants might still be alive at the far southern tip of South America
, not far from where Ted Turner and Jane Fonda have their huge feudal rancho, a refuge just in case nuclear war destroys the Northern Hemisphere.

The pre-European people of Tierra del Fuego, the "Land of Fire," whose ferocity

and bonfires frightened early Spanish explorers, lived stone-age lives until this century. According to the BBC investigation, they "show hybrid skull features which could have resulted from intermarrying between mongoloid and negroid peoples. Their rituals and traditions also bear some resemblance to the ancient rock art in Brazil."

But what happened to the rest of those black-skinned original Americans in Brazil? The BBC reports that archeologists and anthropologists studying skulls in that cave found that, "The shape of the skulls changes between 9,000 and 7,000 years ago from being exclusively negroid to exclusively mongoloid."

The BBC’s conclusion is stark and horrifying: "Combined with rock art evidence of increasing violence at this time, it appears that the mongoloid people from the north invaded and wiped out the original Americans."

In other words, long before Christopher Columbus and other dead white evil European male (DWEEM in PC-speak) conquistadors arrived to slaughter noble Native American Indians, the noble Native American Indians carried out a genocide that exterminated the true First Americans, who happened to have black skin and African racial origins.

What a different, braver New World ours might have been! Columbus arrives in 1492 and is greeted by smiling black faces. Instead of human-sacrificing Aztecs and socialist Incas, Europeans might have found the gentle culture of Africa or the dreamtime of Australian aboriginal people. Alas, we shall never know what could have been. The murderous genocide carried out by invading Indians destroyed the offspring of Luiza and her fellow black-skinned "original Americans," leaving only a few of their bones and fragments of their beautiful art.
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