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synergy777 wrote:
goodwork true. whats your tyheory, i am intrigued. you think they have switched the game, that south america is in the bible. i think that they did have connections as the olmec(african) an indian cultures have been there for thousands of years. i will look at it tommorrow. also in egypt they found traces of cocaine in the pyramids, cocaine comes from south america only, the first drug runners hey?

the ancient cultures were not as dumb as modern science/history likes to suggest. in fact modern humans are not as intelligent as modern science/history suggests, lol

Yes syn, just as the 'dark ages' weren't really dark, but in the period following people were 'dumbed down' (like this age), into believing their lies while destroying/hiding the evidence.

Also, Egyption tombs contain Australian wattle, eucalyptus, boomerangs etc. too, and I see them as a "modern" culture, like New York of today, that had the power, wealth and will to 'display' they know the whole world, and so are superior to any others in the world, but in all human history, they are a very 'modern' culture, and so a stupid foundation for working other dates and historic facts around.

The other thing I like to add to my search, is the study of the maps of the ocean floors. You can still see where Sth. America and New Zealand connected (as shared, unique flora and fauna supports), and likewise the connection to Africa.

Also, both African and American native oral history, tells of it not being their 'motherland', but that they came from a 'lost' southern/down/underworld land, and yet the native Australian ('Down under/Great Southern Land/England's 'Summer House') history, doesn't.

Also, little New Guinea, close and not long ago connected to Australia, has the largest single majority of the world's different languages (division of tongues), and the oldest known 'writing form', is found in the Americas and Australia.

Review the following, for more 'missing pieces', and keep in mind, they only contain what's already publicly known. There is so very much more to this "pattern" of human history, I'm not stupid enough to share on line. s+glyphs s+glyphs art=0 art=0
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