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Originally Posted by TrialnError

Ah but Trial, when I 'smell a rat', I'm not happy with getting one, but look for the nest that keeps sending them out.
our differences apart, we have both ended pointing out the same nest i reckon. The elite based on vatican (jewish banking dynasty), royal (pirate tribes), and later the industrial power. There is the real trinity.

And I must say, I've resisted the north, south 'flip', for decades, but quite frankly, I can't find any more credible arguments against it, which is why I finally brought it to the general public, but still, I've heard no counter argument that isn't totally hinged on lies, and assumtions based on lies, all still denied as truth, by what IS.
im not sure i understand this?
Sorry, I tidied up that last sentance(i must learn to finish sentances, before tending to other matters),but back to that nest of rats.

Think of the THREE (3) symbols, most people associate with The Bible; The cross, The Trinity and Pyramids of EGYPT, yet none of 'that trinity' are Biblical, but later Roman add-ons, and ALL used by counterfeit and Satanic religions, to claim they are 'the' religion, who know their proper meaning and use.

Surely the VERY MASONIC, PYRAMIDS of EGYPT, haunting secular society around the whole world, is a damn big tip-off that something about it is Anti-Christ.

Keep in mind too, I have no investment in exploring this issue.

No 'church', no books, no Think Tank to impress, I just keep looking for explainations to questions most don't ask, from sources that aren't invested in selling a doctrine, which frankly knocks out all the 'esoteric' writers of old, and the Ickes they've spawned, along with all the Trinitarian churches (who are all coming back into the Catholic fold, just in case folk here arn't paying attention to Religious Politics), grown out of the Roman/Jesuit, very limiting, control of evidence, science and information.
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