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Default Re: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

Originally Posted by Ciggy
Originally Posted by true-lilly
Judah and Israel, were just two of the twelve brothers, who got scattered and mixed around the world, many times over.
BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT. Wrong answer. Lovely parting gifts.

Israel was the whole of all of them. It wasn't a "tribe".

Maybe Tsarion fans will fall for your "Japanese Jews" but I think most people here will simply :funny: at it. Rightly so.

Assyrians conquered the northern 10 of the tribes, leaving Judah and Benjamin. In those days what a nation would typically do after the conquest of another nation was:

1. Kill all the adult men.
2. Enslave all the women and children.
3. Take possession of all else.

So the most likely fate of the 10 northern tribes was just that: the men got slaughtered, the women became slaves, and the children were raised to be slaves for the rest of their days. After a few generations of rape by the Assyrian masters, not a whole lot of "pure" Israelite DNA would be left of them. And by modern times, completely diluted to a meaningless blip.

The hilarious thing about the "10 lost tribes" muffins as they spout out there is that they have to give you, as a premise, that the Assyrians would just "let them go" after winning the war.

Again Ciggy, you're just repeating the "Elitists" propaganda, that isn't actually in The Bible. The half baked and incomplete stories, re-told but not read from, The Multi layered histories actually written in it. Line upon line, here a little, there a little. And again you know it, yet you lie.

Yes there are stronger groups and gatherings of different family lines, fullfilling different prophisied rolls, but the individuals in each group, are what count. Half of my genetic material, comes from those early "slaves", the Slavs, and the other half from the branch that grew strong in the Urals.

I was taught our peoples history, from our perspective, as a child. I don't have a purely Anglo view history, I look for the 'ignored bits', and then (no suprise to me "now") find them in The Bible. Including (among them all) the roll of Australian Aboriginals, THE most ignored peoples of history. For which their is a "diabolical" reason.

But we all have a mixing of blood to some degree, as you acknowledge in the keeping of women, when different groups wared against and raided. And the peoples who just plain up and moved in with others.

The lies Ciggy's repeating, are just some of the many used over generations (by "them"), to make people too angry to read The Bible with "respectfull, OPEN eyes".

It's easy to do (only see nonsence) when you compress the keys of the whole history of all mankind, into one short time and place, which The Bible doesn't do, so any attempt to make it, also makes a nonsence of what it's actually saying. "The" intention of "their" plan.

Line upon line, here a little there a little, it goes on through history, and that's how it says to read it, yet the false, evil shepherds lie, and say they've "pegged it all", in the wrong times and places, and tell you to take "their word" as gosple, which again The Bible tells us not to, but study for ourselves.

I just got an offer of a free 'study' Bible from one of those American false Christian churches. Great, hard covered book, with lots of "explanations", but that's just it, it "explains" it all in a Middle Eastern context, yet again spreading the lie and confussion that comes with it.

Ciggy's disresect for Ancient Peoples Oral History, is a refection of his disrespect for truth, that isn't hidden, but deliberately ignored, as God said would happen, by those who choose to serve The father of The Lie.

Yes, when it comes to the modern postion of the Empire on which the Sun Never Set, and it's Powerfull Brother (Ephraim and Manasseh) you can see their roll being played out in our time. Still, belonging to these peoples, is not a free pass (they have duties, putting pride above them, is also part of the prophesied disobedience), but a reminder that God didn't lie.

That "straight as an arrow", "successfull" nature of the Assyrian blood can be seen playing out their Kingly roll over Ephraim as prophesied, in their current dragging us all to war.

Modern Israel, is NOT the promised land of The Bible (which many Jews have always said, but been drowned out by Zionist propaganda), but you can't see that if you don't try to read it as all going on in the Middle East.

So why doesn't Ciggy want folk to understand we all come from rightious stock, and can all claim our Holy Inheritance in God's re-born, resurrected Family?

Oh, missed a bit; Israel is both the one line brother's line and the name for the whole. Line upon line, here a little there a little. As it says to read it.
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