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Default Re: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

Ciggy and Synergy, there are countless versions of your "opinions", for the reason that every time they're shown as nonsence, details get fiddled with, to keep the lies alive a little longer.

No matter how hard you try, you can't swap the consistantcy of The Bible and it's worth, for the inconsistant oceans of red herrings and tripe, Anti-Christians throw at it.

Mohamed wasn't even born untill nearly 250 after the council of Nicea, when you Anti-Christians love to say, the Illuminati/Power Elite set up Christianity to con mankind, yet you won't even consider Islam being just another one of their very many "bastard children". That sounds racist, bigotted, hypocritical, close minded, "judgemental" and just plain stupid.

And please, don't go into your, Catholic is Christian, lies.
Rome, just as the Pharisees and countless others before, did counterfeit God's messages to mankind, but none well enough to kill it.

What now has the name Christian, was around before Jesus, before Moses and before Abraham. So why do you give more respect to a religion that had 250 years of The Bible, wisdom it contains and success it was having, to steal from, and truely corupt?

There, I answered that one for you. You love anything that corupts God's Word.

I've been trying to show that no one agrees 100% on the history of mankind, yet many facts are still ignored while many disproven 'bad guesses' are still being taught as fact.

The people God scattered all around the world, weren't all White 'Jews', but all the 'types' the family contained, black, white, smooth, hairy and ginger.

Now Jacob/Israel went to the land of the Orientals and found a cousin to fall in love with. Her father's name means "white". But in the early life of recessive 'white' genes, white children would have been in minority, yet back then, even having a hairy ginger pop up, didn't seem to freak parents out like they do today.

Whereas "cultural discrimination" always seems to have been with us, "colour discrimination" seems to have taken a long time to take off and came from man, not God.

Whiteness is genetic devolution, yet God did choose white people to represent His Family too. This just tells me God wants us to know our physical form, already dying at birth, is of no consequence to our character, that God wants to return to man's original, radiant form.

Archeological, linguistic and time/culture anomolies, along with oral histories of peoples from ALL continants, keep supporting Genesis, and that's only with what hasn't been destroyed, hidden and reburied.

This indicates to me, that there is a KNOWN "Secret", countless have been killed to keep.

Now with all the "Great" cultures openly flouting God's laws, at the times of their falls, yet a branch or twig always rising again to declare, "This time, we know how to save mankind! We've been Illuminated!", it would be a pretty safe bet that "They" KNOW, man can't save mankind. So, how powerless would the Power Elite become overnight, if we all woke up to that fact.

I'd say that would be THE secret "They" would justify generations of murders, tortures, racial hatred and genocide, to keep secret. Because "They" do hate God and all His children, of the ONE, HUMAN 'race'.

Oh, and just a little side note; could those weird, long, miss-shaped skull, people, along with other odd, early skeletons, have been the irredeemably evil, pre-flood people?

Could Ham have missed his old pre-flood buddies, who didn't make him feel bad when he was, and his embelished reminiscances, inspired those 'fish head gods' depicted in his family line?
"EGYPT", is Nowhere in The Bible. art=0
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