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Default Re: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

Just to re-clarify; When Anti-Christians keep repeatedly accusing Catholic, Pagan, Babylonian etc. myth acceptance, by Christians who keep asking people to look past all that tacked on BS to the consistant truth still in The Bible, it kind of tells you there isn't much about Christianity for a reasonable person to hate.

Knowing that Satan would always lie to man about God, proofs of God's Word have also been scattered through times and places, to be found and understood by those who would otherwise lead others to believe Satan's lie, that God is our enemy. The proofs required in one age are different to proofs required for another, yet still they support or explain past ways, rather than contradict.

Circumcision; did work to show just how wide spread Israel was scattered, as yet another, proof of truth of The Bible, as well as being a hygene plus (that kept healthy birth rates up) for people constantly moving into harsh, unknown climates and terrains.
God made a point of choosing physically weak but spiritualy strong people to so greatly multiply (a reminder, even the best and most beautifull body, is rotting and dying but spirit is life beyond the carnal), so strict health and hygene laws were needed to make sure they did multiply, but even by Jesus' time, you could go mad or starve trying to keep all those health laws, so He left us with The Holy Spirit, to help us.

Female 'circucision' was never anything more than a paedophile's excuse to take little girls, and never Biblical. The Anglo version of this, I grew up with was, "old enough to bleed, old enough to seed", which in itself is a dirty, big fat, lie against biology and social science, but still hasn't stopped "illuminated" God haters from teaching it to generations of sons.

It was always our hearts, that God wanted stripped of 'deadly germ' harbouring excess.
When that happens, mutilating your son or daughter, to keep in good with the "churchy set", doesn't cross your mind. We're now well warned of all the pretences God haters would live by, to lead the babes in Christ astray and know that this age is for the training, sifting and sorting of our spiritual character, not building our physical or intellectual strength.

So of course, Eugenics is all the rage again!
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