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Default Re: Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

My my, such ragging mantras.

Just one of 12 houses, of countless other divisions, but like a fear trigger, it's all you can focus on.

How many times do I have to say I don't agree with all of any of the links, but they offer a range of views on a topic, that, like it not, tell the stories of man's movements around the world.

Fact is, gene mapping and "accepted time lines", don't support each other. There's another little science war going on. Gene Mapping isn't 100% (and still requires interpretation), but a usefull tool in social manipulation, when quoted as an infalible source.

What you find, is everyone with an agenda, focusing on the isolated results that fit their 'ideal', skipping, over looking, the 'anomolies', but still, there are common threads. Mankind has been crossing and re-crossing paths, throughout time. Very different people, continants apart, are closely genetically related. Then you add culturally, linguisticly, religiously, and the 'whole' story, is very different from the nonsence we're taught as 'the' story.
By any camp.
Deep down everyone wants a 'superior' race, and to belong to it, so there's a version for everyone, but they all build it on or around something. They're the bits you should notice. They all claim a part of the Hebrew Bible as their history.
Hebrew is found on Ancient Australian rocks and in the Americas. Hebrew ain't "Jew", read past the attention grabbing (think stopping trigger), headline word "Jew", and follow the common story...We Are All Related.
Like a road bike team, we all take our turns at the hard lead and easy slipstream. We all have, "our time and place (for good and bad)", important to the whole.

We're talking about mankind here, all the pieces, Black, Red Head, White, Red. All brothers, uncles, cousins, aunts; geneticaly we've all had a common relative somewhere along the line. Some lines grow very strong and numerous, while others do die out.

Different gifts are found in scattered clusters, from engineering and hydrolics, to poetry and music, medicine to magic, and so on, through all groups around the world. It really is childish to shut your eyes to the whole because you don't like a (mixed) aspect.
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