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Default Re: How The ORANGE Order Run the World

Inside the Hidden World of Secret Societies

This site provides an unprecedented insight into the mystical world of secret societies, their hidden secret society degrees, rituals, secrets and esoteric teaching. It examines, in detail, Freemasonry, which is widely accepted as the mother of most of our modern-day secret society organisations. The site also looks at the many so-called Protestant secret societies, which have been birthed by Freemasonry, like the Orange Order, the Independent "Loyal" Orange Institution and the Royal Black Institution and compares, contrasts and examines the similarities between these neo-Masonic structures and their ritualistic degrees. We also address the controversial subject of generational curses, which has come to the fore in recent years.

This site creates a unique facilty for those both on the inside and outside of these secret bodies who desire to examine otherwise hard-to-obtain internal material relating to the many esoteric secret societies throughout the world. This informative in-depth resource centre discloses startling evidence about the origins, structures, secrets, degrees and rituals of bodies which has hitherto been concealed from the public gaze.

This website will endeavour to demonstrate in an open objective manner the incompatibility of these mysterious secret societies and their degrees with the Christian faith and with God's infallible Word - the Bible (a book these Masonic structures so frequently yet corruptly employ). In revealing such, we desire to reach the many Freemasons, Orangemen and Blackmen in our land (Northern Ireland) and further afield with the simplicity of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. This anti-Masonic site and the information contained within it is also a must for every born-again evangelical Christian interested in the alarming hidden influence of these highly ritualistic secret Masonic bodies. See the secrets and degrees exposed in graphic detail.
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