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Default Re: How The ORANGE Order Run the World

Perhaps my question got lost in your furious cut and pasting and refusal to engage in some simple question and answers. So i'll ask again...

Dear True-Lilly,

Who is the most powerful lobby group in Washington?

Who "owns" U.S foreign policy?

Who specializes in blackmail of the U.S Congress?

Who does Senator Paul Findlay say runs Washington?

Who can destroy an American boat off it's coast and get away with it?

Outside the Western MSM, who is regarded as running the planet?

Who did the Malaysian Prime minister say ran the planet and got others to do their fighting for them?

Who owns and controls the world banking system?

Who were the first "money changers"?

Who have religious texts dedicated to wiping out lower castes of humans and ruling the earth like gods?

Who have religious texts preaching the over throw of throne and alter?

Who financed Bolshevism?

Who financed Nazism?

Who financed the man who financed Rockefella?

And on, and on, and on...

I will give you one clue and one clue only. Neither the "Orange Order" nor the "Jesuits" are the answer.

And i'll add...ALL the groups you throw in, in an avalanche of cutting and pasting, are FUNDAMENTALLY tied to Egyption Sun God Worship which in turn has jumped on the sleigh ride to hell with rockets attached called "Judaism"...also known as an organised crime outfit on the go for 3000 years.

"The Jews" have NEVER submitted as a group. Poor old Moses in the desert for 40 years pulling his hair out. Then umpteen prophets of the Old Testament/Torah demanding repentance and for jews to turn away from sin and go with love, mercy and compassion...ALL slaughtered until they hung God on a cross Himself. Why God bothers with them I do not know. All i know is it is HIS business. A remnant will be saved in the end.

To spend time on "trouser leg puller upper'ers" of their various ilks while neglecting the centers of power made up of the various Round Table Groups ALL financed by the Jewish Money Lenders says that you are simply muddying the waters.

Read your Zohar/Kabbahla. Read the Babylonian's all there.

In the end not even so called "Judaism" will be left. Just the sheer rational intellect of man who can make up whatever system of moral values he wants to suit his depraved power trip of the day.

The ultimate top level of the conspiracy to enslave man is contained in every human being. The decision to turn their back on God and His laws which bring life, for the short sighted expediance of personal power and fufillment of animal passions.

In the end neither "The Jews" nor the "Orange Order" nor "The Jesuits" can go against the will of God.

Peace to you and good luck.
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