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Default Re: U.S., China Clash on Currency

It can dump all it wants and buy Euro's just as worthless.

The U.S economy is THE engine of the world economy. Pull it down and EVERYONE goes down. Who will buy China's cheap Walmart trinkets and Nike sneakers? If China goes down then the Australian economy goes with it as China dont need all that gas and all that iron ore and nickel...and on it goes.

Once you understand that the system is quite meaningless, you will understand that the economy is simply being chugged along till the time is right to firstly collapse the U.S economy and then of course the WORLD ECONOMY. Then REAL chaos can begin and ALL those wonderful Homeland Security measures can be shoved in by the Democrats with bareely a whimper by desperate Americans willing to line up and take their subcutaneous I.D chip to eat. Also, Americans will be eager to "sign up" to the wavering U.S military to get by and go kill muslims for the Zionist/Globalist's who want traditional Islam smashed...the last active bastion to Zionist world takeover.

With the "East Coast Blue Blood" Bush having finished his job of...

1) Making Christians look stupid and in need of diagnosis and imprisonment.

2) ENERGISING the wavering Left wing.

3) Getting people BEGGING for a reinvigorated and powerful U.N to prevent singular imperiaql powers from running amok.

4) Descending the U.S into economic chaos with government policies to stupid and to numerous to mention.

Who needs a suitcase bomb in New York?

All that Problem-Reaction-Soloution can give will be obtained by economic chaos rather than muslim extremists.
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