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Some of the psychological effects of gaslighting:

Wanting you not to trust your memory, of course. Maybe you're switching personalities; losing track of time. Family members might think this is so; especially if they have knowledge of your past. Tell them about gaslighting and now that's a horse of another color. First, mind control, now gaslighting!!!

Making you a prisoner of your own home. Fearful if you leave, something will be taken; someone will enter. Never are the items that are moved or taken in quantities enough to be reported as a burglary.

Causing OCD. Wanting everything in its' place before you leave so you can spot something out of position when you return.

Causing anxiety and fear. If they can do this while you're out; they can do it while you sleep.

Tracking my moves; street games; etc., so that again, leaving my home, I know I'm being watched. Unable to feel comfortable.

These "tactics" continue, and have also been inflicted on my family to a lesser degree.

When I first awoke to the reality of the entities involved in my past, the street tactics were in "full swing." The places I frequented, I'm sure had "operatives" placed inside insisting I had been there when I wasn't. It just goes on and on!

There is someone in my neighborhood who looks just like me and someone who drives the same make and model car. This has been spotted by an observer other than myself, but by me as well.

Framing me for a crime has always been a concern.

So, this brings me to the question. Why spend all of this time, decades, psychologically abusing me when they could just KILL ME?

In Peace,
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