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Default Re: Is Henry Makow a "Zionist Protector"?

On your other points:

Obviously we need to stop arguing about how many Jews died 60 years ago and focus on preventing World War Three and the NWO.
We'd all love to stop arguing. When the Zionist/Globalists stop using this propaganda fraud as a method of stifling debate on the current jewish/zionist world agenda I guess we can all cease to have it all over the net these days. I'm personally sick of hearing about it but until it's exposed for the fraud and crude propaganda as it is, we will just have to keep on keeping on. HM seems to be part of the plan...blame the "Illuminati", "King Of Spain", "World Elite", "Interbred Royalty Of Europe", "The Orange Order"...ANYONE but Jewish/Zionists and their well known religious doctrine of ruling the Goyim through a warrior king who will smite the Gentiles and put the Jews/anti-Christ on the Throne Of Man.

Ironically a Jewish King will take the throne but He will be a humble servant of mankind, not a despotic ruler.

How many Jews do you think were sacrificed for their agenda?

1, 2, 3??
I think it's around 400,000-1.2 million innocent men women and children who call themselves "Jews" who died of starvation and disease in the Internment Camps in Germany and it's territories.

One of the tragedies of WW2, no less than the 600,000-1 million innocent German men, women and children incinerated and blown to bits in the Allies Strategic Bombing Campaign. May their souls rest in peace. I have shed tears and continue to shed tears for ALL the innocent's of the machinations of the Zionist/Globalist agenda for world domination.

Aren't they slaughtering in the Middle East at present to promote their agenda?
Yes. Divide and conquore to make the region safe for Israel and eventually Greater Israel. A DIRECT result of the WW2 propaganda called the "Holocaust". The end of Zionism = Peace. It's a simple mathematical equation much like 2+2=4. All you have to Henry is stop blaming the "Illuminati" and start blaming Zionist Jews just like Benjamin Freedman does. You will be a hero Henry. Worthy of the true nature of what it is to be "Jewish". You will not be responsible for what is to come. You want to be judged as a individual human being before God? Then start calling the quacking duck what it is...Jewish Zionism.

How many civilizations, religious groups, ethnic groups do you think they have sacrificed for their agenda?
You make the mistake of believing that the Zionist Elite DELIBERATELY prompted Hitler to kill as many European Jews as possible as a matter of course. Actually the plan was to get him to round them up and dump them in Palestine...something he refused to do for reasons known only to him. Part of the reason why the Zionist Bankers turned against him. Madagascar was not acceptable to world Jewery nor was a chunk of Western Siberia. In the end the innocent jews of Europe were shoved into cattle cars and shunted here and there to die as a result of the need to smash Germany once and for all and to then contain Stalin but keep him there as a viable threat to Western Civilization and justify the massive build up of American hegemony under Zionist Banker control, to do the job that Hitler refused to do.

There is only ONE group of people who have the religious and philisophical foundation nescessary to exterminate %80 of humanity. That is Zionist Jews. They have the Banking System which provides the means and the gumption of a 3000 year tradition of the rejection of umpteen Prophets and One God who commanded them to practise justice, compassion and mercy. Their track record is there for all to see. When it quacks like a duck then i'm going to call it a duck and not let 50+ years of mind control & propaganda from the Judaic Supremacists to get me off track and blaming the Orange Order for the ill's of the world. Nor will I be focussing on the King Of Spain.

Salvation is certainly of the Jews. The best of Judaic Doctrine allows for all the best a human being is capable of spiritually. It allows reading and understanding, Family Love and compassion for the suffering of others. In this case we need to get into Somantics and define EXACTLY what a Jew is? That would take forever. It would be simpler if "Jews" such as yourself Henry spoke out DIRECTLY and pointed the finger at the internal enemy. Then the term "Jew" would not be directly linked with lying, cheating and killing Gentiles and heathans. Then the true ontological meaning of what it is to be "Jewish" would be recaptured by "true jews" and the Satanic enemy of man can go find another host for the sleigh ride to hell. YOU have to get it back Henry. YOU and others like David Cole, Benjamin Freedman and ALL the "Jews" who will make up the remnant to be saved when He plants His foot back in the temple.

Everyone is expendable in their BOOK except for themselves.
Who is "They"? That is THE whole point of this thread - Zionist Jews who believe themselves to be the true inheritors of Pharoe will indeed be sacrificing many human beings. They would prefer to be simply worshipped like gods voluntarily as they are "True Believers" in the cause. "They" believe they will inherit what is owed them...divinity, whilst still on this Earth. But this divinity will not be from the Loving, Personal God incarnate fully and briefly in Yeoushwa The Carpenter, still attainable through submission to Gods Law and a humble nature. It will be an impersonal state attained by the "Elect" and they believe they will not have to submit to the God who first revealed Himself to Abraham. "They" believe, as there occult Zohar/Kabbahla tells them, that "God" is an impersonal/suprapersonal power much like the Eastern Philosophies explain; that filters down until hitting "the apple of his eye" where the will of "man" and NOT of God will be actualised in time and space. Puffed with pride, these Princes of this world will plunge us into an abyss until He returns.

To be continued...
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