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Default Re: Did you know that Iran is the biggest oil supplier to China? Now Iran will only accept Euro from

Did you know that Iran is the biggest oil supplier to China? Now Iran will only accept Euro from the Chinese Government, guess what?
Yeh...Iran has nukes :lol:. Let the bombing begin!

Oil, trading in Euro's, asteroid collisions etc...they'll all provide an excuse to SMASH Israels enemies in the region. You can tell the world that the Iraq war is about oil, petro dollars, and greed. BUT! Whatever you do, DO NOT tell the world the chaos in the Middle East is about making the region safe for Israeli expansionism and hegemony. To become a great power there itself with access to an energy supply and land to swell jewish numbers.

China needs 50 billion in DIRECT foreign capital investment from the West to maintain it's economic growth. It needs to sell trinkets to the U.S consumers to get hard currency to buy Iranian oil. When the U.S economy collapses...WE ALL go down. China and Iran included.

While we all await the suitcase bomb in New York from Bin Ladin, we find the Zionist/Globalists getting one up on us through their East Coast Blue Blood Bush...destroy the U.S economy, smash Iraq and get troops into the region, re-invigorate the Left and the U.N and have the peasants BEGGING for One World Government to prevent all this economic and social chaos. up ALL the public utilities for a song and make people get chipped and sign up to fight for Israel to smash the Islamic enemy...or you dont eat or drink.

Indeed...the World Economy will go down. It should have imploded 30 years ago. The point is it's by "design"...not bad management.

Enjoy the totalitarian state where ever you are. I'm going fishing. It's getting boring to watch the scam unfold. I want a new one with more explosions and twists and turns.
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