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Default Re: How The ORANGE Order Run the World

It seems you are on a runaway monorail like the one in that funny "Simpsons" episode. Going round and round full tilt and no one knows where the off switch is.

The furious/manic, cutting and pasting seems more like a cover for a lack of intrinsic understanding of the subject matter. Like the man at the party who attempts to win by shouting the loudest. He does end up winning, but only because the opposite party moves onto the punch bowel and better company.

Long before "The Orange Order" was Egyptions worshipping "Ra". The Pharoes believed (and probably did experience) divine visitation much like a Christian Orthodox Ascetic Monk experiences. Jesus after all stated clearly..."the Kingdom of God is within you"...and..."Yae are God's"! Just before they stoned Him for herasy.

The ontological line is quite obvious for all to see who wish to explore the subject. You claim that a local gangsta on the street corner selling you crack is running the drug trade? You are so far off the mark it aint funny. In fact you have to be disinfo or maybe just a passionate man who believes he has found the truth where others have failed. More power to you.

Till you can explain to me in your own words how the "Orange Order" superceded the Jewish Money Changers of Eastern Europe who adhere to the Occult Zohar/Kabbahla texts of Judaism...i'm afraid I must slate you for a manic "cutting and pasting dis-order". Nothing to be to ashamed about. We all do it. Most of us grow out of it as our knowledge increases and along with it our intrinsic understanding of the matter at hand.

Keep at it.


Brendon O'Connell,

Western Australia.
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