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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

Barbarien wrote:
They existed on the Earth that was. After the repair and the evolutionary shortcut, there was no place for them. A new eon began and soon a human like creature was the center of attention. The disturbance that caused the dinosaur to disappear (mostly) was a part of the Satanic fall.
By stating, "they existed on earth, that was," you are implying that there is existence elsewhere. On what other planet(s) does life exist?

What happened to the earth that it had to be repaired and how was it repaired? Were construction workers called in?

How is an evolutionary shortcut achieved? Does one just snap their fingers?

If there was no place for dinosaurs, what made them DISAPPEAR?

How long was the new EON?

What was the disturbance?

The "satanists" fell! I find that hard to believe.

In Peace,
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