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Default Re: Australian politics and the Jewish community

truebeliver jumps on the Orange Order thread to fob off their Global Power in the NWO, and just wants to "Jew Bash"
No, i just want to point out the ridiculous idea that the Jewish/Occult Zohar/Kabbahla loving Bankers are somehow superceded by a bunch of Anglo Secret Society wannabe's? So, when did the Orange Order get a hold of the printing presses?

and I end up posting Orange Order stuff on his Jew Bashing thread, not noticing I'm on the wrong thread till we get to the bit that ties "those who say they are Jews but do lie", to The Orange Order.
No, you were so manically taken away with cutting and pasting frantically, rather than engaging in direct debate, that you forgot which thread you were on.

Here, I'll ask again...

How did the "Orange Order" take over the Jewish/Occult/Kabbahla/Zohar inspired money lenders scam of One World Government?

Was it a hostile takeover or did Lord Rothschild/Beauer simply decide to pass on the scam and play golf?
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