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Default Re: Is Henry Makow a "Zionist Protector"?

I wont be carrying this any further. Given the low quality of posters here and the complete failure the forum is, I wont be bothering.

Should I become interested in ufo abductions and shape shifting lizards i'm sure i'll return to the appropriate forum.

You're a fraud Henry and a definaite Zionist in the true sense of the word. It should have been obvious really with you having your name in lights in the Encyclopedia Brittanica. Also the nice newspaper role you had at 14 as a columnist..."Ask Henry". Nice work if you can get it Henry? Also your location...KKKKKKanada. And your origens...Switzerland, the heart of the conspiracy.

Your name is mud Henry and rightly so.

"Know them by their fruits".

P.S - you're also the only forum I know where an entire thread can dissapear ("Whatever Happened To The Orbital Engine") and yet admin wont even reply to the request for info on it's dissapearence. This should of had your concern but instead you said nothing...because you were told to remove it.

"Never trust a jew". Fingers crossed behind your back Henry? Are their video's of you in a Opium Den in Asia, a few of the Asiatic lovelies about?
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