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Default Re: Australian politics and the Jewish community

Rothschilds are historically 'new kids on the block', and info. on their actual 'pedigree' is in those links (for those others here who care to know), but you only demand I re-write what's freely available and I've provided links to, so 'one liner and paragraph posts' take up the time folk could put towards studying what's already been researched but buried under the sea of red herrings and lies you and your ilk post to cause confussion.

Find me another poster who takes into account mans history from the time of the Super-Continant if you want to teach me something, but you can quit trying to give me history lessons.

Oh, and I would find that reference to the Rothies, if I had time, but if you bothered read all that's posted (before attacking it), you could post it for others and prove you're not an Orange Shill.
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