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true-lilly wrote:
BlueAngel, the Beast is building an army to fight our Creator at His return.

The blind, insane rage, of caused by endless injustice, is basicly a "Spiritual Boot Camp", for the dark side.

This is why locic and reason isn't enough to avoid 'recruitment', (can't reason logicly when you're insane), and so why we're told to ask and keep asking, our Creator Father for Him to send us our portion of the Helper, The Holy Spirit of Truth, to comfort and protect us from the madness.

But "They" do just KILL many, and they rest in sleep untill resurrection, so those of us still 'walking and talking' kind of owe them what God asks of us; to Do Justice, and share the Good News, that God will "Perfectly Balance ALL Accounts", so the deceived won't pay for what the deceivers took from them.
This is truly GOD's defining moment and your words reach to the very depths of my being.

In Peace,
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