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Default Re: MKULTRA connection--Part II: Butterflys In Your Head

Barbarien wrote:
There are those who thrive in desolation. When you started playing with these things, did you think you would meet the real thing. Well you have. The enemies of humankind are to numerous to count. Not all the Rocks are worn smooth, some are still very sharp. You need to study your faith with renewed vigor and see where we are mentioned within it. Only then will you understand what and whom you confront. Many, many will begin to believe in 2007. Things do not look good. Do you see!
1. I know.
2. I never started 'playing' with these things. I knew I had the real thing the first time I real Liber AL. It was not a guess. It was not a hunch. I 'knew' that this was the fulfillment of 2 Thess. 2. And I knew that the Apostasy had come in full force to the world.
3. I know where you are mentioned in it.
4. I have always understood what I confront. It is you who do not know what you confront. You do not know me at all. And you do not know what I have seen.
5. You, ignt, BlueAngel, Leviathan, and others gave similar tones last year. They have all come to nought. I know that your threats are idle. But you do not know what has happened. I thought that your kind would have known what happened in March, 2006. But I now know that you do not.
7. You are right. In 2007 you will begin to believe.
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