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BlueAngel wrote:
However, it still begs the question, why psychologically abuse someone for decades to contain their memory rather than KILL them.

Makes no sense!

In Peace,
Ah, I hope this means you aren't one of the hundreds of thousands SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) survivors, I am.

God is called into blame, for all the evils done to our young minds and bodies, at a VERY early age when most can be made to conciously 'forget', then we're sent out into the world to preach these torture induced lies.

But some, many infact, maintain a protective spirit and resist/reject the purpose we were made to suffer for, so "They" 'tweek' the programming with confussion inducing "Gaslighting".

When working in mental health, I failed to find anyone, other than those who suffered brain injururing traumas, who didn't suffer peadophilia or worse in their early childhoods, yet even if recorded on files, this still wouldn't be attributed as the cause of their 'breakdowns'.

It's very often seen in post-partum depression/psycosis, where the physical pain and suffering of childbirth, re-surfaces concious and/or body memouries of early childhood abuse.

Again, it breaks down to the fact that "They" aim to recruit MANY soldiers to fight Christ at His return, for The Opposer's aim to bring an end to ALL LIFE.

See 'he' (Lucifer, Satan, The Beast, The Father of The Lie, the original "SALESMAN") can't create life, 'he' does not have the perfect, life loving character to do so, and like too many ego obsessed 'Super-Cool dudes' suffers the, "If I can't have you, no one else can" disease, multilied by the power of a (fallen) angel.

It's military logistics; 'the lord of the flies', knows he doesn't have the power of his, The Creator, so hopes to beat Him with "numbers" (pride makes one blind, as he is, to the futility of this plan), and so plays with the minds of all, in an effort to gain them to his side for the final battle.
Being a battle of good and life, against evil and death, it takes countless generations of Gaslighting, Brainwashing, "boot camp", to make the numbers of blindly obeying soldiers, who will oppose Justice and Life.

This is why we're to ask, and keep asking, for help from The Helper (The Holy Spirit of Truth), to be kept from deceptions that ultimately lead to choosing injustice and death, over JUST LIFE.
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