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Barbarien wrote:
There is much to learn and the game is great. You have graduated from the control of others if you will it and continue to will it. Look to 2007 and be prepared.
I cannot prepare if I do not know what I am preparing for. I have a clue, but this has not been factualized.

How do you know that I have graduated from the control of others?

Do you know who they are specifically? Or is this just a generalization from observation on this site and/or another site I referenced on this thread? Perhaps, observation, as well, outside of forums?

This would tell me that I am being "watched."

Perhaps, by two entities.

You mentioned in another thread, which I can't locate that the "technology that surrounds me" has changed; I concur, and that they are the same WATCHERS and throughout time they have changed guises. I concur again. I do not find them trustworthy. They are of the "other side."

This tells me you are referring to my past and you are leading me to believe you know of the "dark side" and my involvement within.

Can this be verified?

In Peace,
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