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Default Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

seems funny to me that when they find dino bones they don't find any other bones from another animal or animals. Maybe theres a rule in nature. You may not die and fossilize in the same spot as another.Too many people just want to attack others just because it doesn't sound right because that isn't the way they learned it in school. funny how so many people talk about being brain washed and then they fight to preserve the lessons they learned while they were being brainwashed.Wouldn't it be better to just check out the information and come to your own conclusion? then if you can prove it wrong put up the information and show the guy where and why he is wrong.Always seems to be the same people starting the same crap every time.Yo? you guys get payed to start conflicts or you just dark inside and cant help it?
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