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true-lilly wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
Yes, I am a survivor of SRA.

Tortured lies were "burned" into my brain and then "called up" when I found myself amongst the perpetrators again in the not so distant past. Lyrics were used to re-inforce them.

Had my CORE not been able to retrieve the "warnings" and truth from the past about them," they may have been able to cause the total destruction of my soul through mind altering techniques. Trauma-based torture without hands-on capability. I would have been a prisoner of their world again or better yet, left in a state of complete psychological distress.

I'm sure they were hoping that I would repeat the lies in my altered state of consciousness to persons outside of my family and, of course, then used as a discrediting tool.

"If HE couldn't have me then no one else would." Mutilation followed.

In Peace,
Well no wonder you're one of the sane posters, you know and reject the insanity they tried and failed to programme in you to spread further.

The "tortured lies" to which I am referring mostly are related to a relationship with someone that never existed in the way they wanted me to believe.

You do realize just how many conspiracies have been exposed, to those with the heart to care, by fellow SRA survivors, who were blessed with the spirit to resist and remember.

Saddly, alot of shills have taken on the act, inorder to discredit real survivors, but we know 'em when we hear/read 'em, and any loved ones who know us, help out them to.

I would request that you explain the above paragraph further as it appears to be misleading in that you say any loved ones who know us help the shills out, too.

Just always remember, when things get tough, that you are believed, understood and appreciated, even if you haven't met those people yet. All our stories are are getting out, and supporting each others credibility.

Thank you so much for being one of the brave voices.
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