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Default Re: How The ORANGE Order Run the World

true-lilly wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
He was here before. I was here before. Had my doubts then and am sure now.

Just thought maybe I was the one who was not GETTING it.

In Peace,
As one who's suffered the "boot camp" of SRA, but didn't sign up for "Their" war, you have a right to always doubt "Them" first, untill they care to prove otherwise.

You have "Expert Status", the conspiracy book buyers couldn't begin to imagine.
How is it that you know I suffered the "boot camp" of SRA?

Why do you think I have Expert Status?

Yes, I do have a right to doubt everyone and that would include you and, this right is of my own chosing, not because it has been allowed by another.

Do not attempt to align yourself with me. I am and have always been a "lone wolf" to a certain degree.

I trust not many and those whom I might and are not trustworthy most times give themselves away without much assistance from me.

In Peace,
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