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true-lilly said:

"Any loved ones who know us, help out them, too," when referring to "shills" who are used to discredit "mind control" and/or SRA victims.

My response would be:

help out them, too is not worded correctly!

My other response would be that in the past, those who attempted to discredit me, whether biological family members, relatives, friends, are not considered loved-ones.

If they are at present attempting to discredit me and working with the shills, I would not know and I would not care.

Secondly, I think there is a slight effort here on your part to install the thought in me that those who truly love me today, my immediate family members, are somehow playing a part in "gaslighting," and discrediting operations.

You have used double-speak in your incorrect usage of English grammer and are also deploying a slight "psychological operation."

As I said in another thread, DO NOT attempt to align yourself or play games with me, you will only wind up exposing yourself.

In Peace,

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