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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

BlueAngel wrote:
I think there are a great many of us who do not believe that the current course of the history of this world is real.

Does it matter?

I think it matters for two reasons:

(1) If we have been purposely lied to, misled and misinformed by the MASTERS in order to bring about an end-result that is detrimental to humankind and/or perhaps the destruction and/or existence of mankind in the likeness of his maker;

(2) People want to know how our existence came about and what happens to us when we die. Without this knowledge, we are in a constant state of the \"denial of death.\" And, in this constant state we suppress and, therefore, do not use most of the brain capacity that we are capable of using. We are encased and do not use all of our senses to achieve the extra-sensory perception that we are all capable of possessing.

I want to add a note to a previous comment by you where you indicated that a human-like creature appeared and this was the beginning of the Satanic fall.

In this regard, I would have to assume that this was the beginning of the destruction of humankind, as well, and that it has been ongoing since our arrival in the universe.

In Peace,
The Soul has only a short stay in biological human form. The maximum average is 120 years.

The Masters of the Earth are nothing but liars as there father is.

Yes, the biological human form has been declining since its arrival in this realm.

What happens to you when you die is your choice.

The capabilities of the human brain can be used now. The consequences!

Human history is completely malleable. Effect does not necessarily follow cause.

Death is what you make of it. A transition or an end. This happens twice.

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