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Default Re: Is Henry Makow a "Zionist Protector"?

truebeliever wrote:

>>>You're a fraud Henry and a definaite Zionist in the true sense of the word.<<<

>>>"Know them by their fruits".<<<

>>>"Never trust a jew".<<<

TB if by chance you read this, It's absolutely true JEWISH ZIONIST PIGS do in fact run and control the world! However, as Christians we must not forget who the real ENEMY is, We are in a spiritual battle for our very souls.I've come to the realization that as dispicable and disgusting the ZIONIST are to me, it is actually the dark forces revealed in human manifestation using them as the USEFUL IDIOTS they already are. As far as 'HENRY' is concerned, everyone will be JUDGED, therefore we must see to it that our own lives are cleaned up, and acceptable to GOD.(For Judgement.)NO ONE WILL ESCAPE THE JUDGEMENT.

May GOD BLESS YOU in your future endeavors, I to will discontinue posting here.

Here are a few sites to sort of clear things up as far as the SPIRITUAL battles we face daily.
Also TB, don't trust that DBS character, there will be some TRUTH as to his past and present connections to ZIONIST, also his CRYPTO/JEW sidekick the Thumbs MASON JEW. As well as other phonies.(we need to investigate.)


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