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Default Re: MKULTRA connection--Part II: Butterflys In Your Head

Barbarian as instigator/controler.

BlueAngel as passive-aggresive 'victim'.

Shadow as pacifier.

Your kind cannot but play childish games. Your traps are placed in the sight of any Bird.


I can see Babalon crumbling as I speak.

Mark my words, your Aeon is finished indeed.

What not one of you has realized yet is that it was not ignt or any other here who 'gave too much information'.

I am who I claim to be. I do what I claim to do.

And your abject Luciferian pride has blinded your eyes. Your are wholly void of the capacity to imagine that your day has come at last.

A little earlier than expected?

You know nothing at all. Your Wisdom is Folly. Your Glory is Shame. Your eyes shall melt in their sockets. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth on the day when the Daystar arises and you at last comprehend what you have done.

We care nothing for what you will do in 2007. We will do what we will do regardless. If you do not stand, you will be annihilated. If you stand, you will be consumed where you stand.

It is a prophetic promise given to the true Israel from before the foundation of the earth: "He shall crush thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." This has been, and shall be again hereafter.

These things are, and shall be hereafter. It is done. He is Alpha and Omega. What is loosed in heaven is loosed on earth, and what is bound in heaven is bound on earth.

Abba is unbound. The Father is revealed. He has shown his glory in his Son and in the Saints. He has shown the Dayspring from on High. The White Sun of Righteousness has shown forth with healing in its wings.

"They shall not hurt or harm in all my Holy Mountain, saith the LORD."
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