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Default Re: Will the NWO ever try to counterfeit prophesy?

Thumper wrote:
It's a simple question. If the Bible is readily available and more or less provides a "script" for what will happen, what can stop an anti-christ coming under supernatural auspices to decieve the world?

Or perhaps their plan is to discredit the Bible enough so that they won't even need to do this?

your thoughts :-)
Hey Thumper, how are ya?
Listen, I see you " " the word script.
I mentioned in another thread a while back that the bible was a 'blueprint'. The thing is that the illuminati (who LOVE to create) are indeed making events come true based on the bible. And as far as a anti christ to come and deceive the
"waiting ones", well, got news for ya, that is in the plan. I'll try to find this little underground paper I came across several years ago. Also, there will be more apparitions. Any thing and everything will be attempted to get people to believe/accept a false christ. Even though I am not christian myself, I'm gonna say it one more time: christians need to be very careful, many many will be deceived. And the BIG GUYS won't need to discredit the Bible, all they will do is teach "its true message" of the "true messiah". A NEW REVELATION.
They want followers to say, "oh we see it now". "Glad you showed us the light"!
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