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Barbarien wrote:
Here is a good example. We do not want anything from you. We have said things to you and they have not be silly things. We can reflect any poster here and can be as insincere, asinine, stupid, wordy, arrogant, etc. as they. We have not been that way with you BlueAngel because of what we see. We are tricksters with tricksters, fools with fools, ignorant with the ignorant. We tell you this the popular term SINGULARITY is exactly what is headed the way of the human. The system of the BEAST is well advanced and the Beast comes. This one does not require your soul or your religions, but for humankind to leave what it believes is its property. We have told you and others that you and you alone will make your choices, because you and you alone will be responsible for your fate. You will inflict your own punishment or procure your own reward. This is the way and the only way. It is in your hands if you but reach for it. Much comes be prepared.
At some point in my life, there were OTHERS who did want something from me. They are soulsuckers, bloodsuckers. I was not to be owned. I am not someone's property. I make my own choices and my fate is in God's hands. I inflict no punishment on myself or anyone else. I do not desire to procure a reward.

In Peace,
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