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No, we are not the greatest achievement of GOD. Also GOD cannot fail nor is GOD human, nor is human thought that of GOD. Humankind is destined to failure and absolute extinction, but not the souls that have had the horror of a human shell. Some souls will choose the death of the soul though. And that will be that.
True, but what is certain when it comes to humankind and the like?
Some species have collectively ascended, yet some have collectively perished and many sunken lower.

It can be horrorous to be a human if one is viewing reality from an unconscious perspective. The prospect of death petrifies the 'closet Atheist' brain more than anything else. And death can be known in countless ways – not just mortality of the body.
From a conscious perspective, yes, it can be sad to witness the suffrage of our brothers and our sisters, but to understand why they suffer brings a new view.
Many blame the human vessel as the cause of dysfunction here, but none of it would be possible if it wasn’t for dim souls manifesting without enough consciousness and succumbing to the control of the human brain from a very young age.
To witness the divine architecture around us is enough to keep us in a positive state.
A conscious being is not frightened by the prospect of death because it is known that death is strictly illusory - despite popular belief. Yes there is the theory or the slight prospect of 'soul death', but that is a deeper matter and the most dont need to know about it at all.
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