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Dec. 25 was the traditional birthday of the pagan god 'Mithras' / 'Sol Invictus'.

The pagans who converted to Christianity had celebrated this high day for centuries.

It was decided that it would be a glory to Christ to celebrate the birth and arrival of the true Light of the World on the day they had formerly celebrated the birth of Mithras / Sol Invictus.

Since Christ triumphed over principalities and powers in heavenly places and sat down far above all rule and authority in heaven or earth, it was decided that Dec. 25 was an appropriate date to comemorate the nativity.

Since Jesus Christ is now kosmocrator and ruler of the aeons, as was formerly ascribed to Mithras, the Christians were stating their rejection of their former Satanic delusions of the god of this world in favor of the True Light of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, having triumphed over all Satanic has made an open mockery of them all.

Praise to God on high for our victory through Jesus Christ.

We give praise and thanks. For He has taken the armies of Pharoah and hurled them into the abyss.
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