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Default Re: BlueAngel/Barbarien are picking on Shadow like they used to pick on Leviathan and ingt

No, George of Louis your work is not done, just your soul. For the smell of shadows light entraps you with the odor of Markur. Lo, do you leave your dear Alistair with his cum soaked salve upon your tongue and move to others unbeknown? We have a use for you still. Your feet of fire will blacken no world but this. Now bring your heart around this stone and feel it bind to you. The skin of throat and of the eye become not new and in their rebirth are so much less. As Shadows pride grows short and whitens for the coming bride so does your trust in whom you breed beckon loss. A thing you carry from one to one and bring again upon your head. A thing that clings and will not go, it asks you for one more. You can not deny this age old thing for it is you and will not go. We send it back as you have sent it, back to its originator go, back with dark wings it flies and seeks its roost in you again. To think you have the answer it pecks within your head, yet age will bring great doubt of this and sorrow for losses yet to come will wrap you bout with gray lost things.
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