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Default Re: The Contamination of Truth

Yeh NH, true.

The Jews are open for all this because they refuse to pledge allegience to any country and sware they will only serve God.

I like this idea but this is where the 'internationalist' flavour of the conspiricy comes from.

There are many things that are good about the NWO program, we need to grow up, we need to be more internationalist but just who is controlling and steering the debate and where are they taking it?

At the moment the NWO program is utterly evil in it's designs.

It is being run by international finance out of London...plenty of Jews up to their necks in it and dare I say it...plenty of WASPS!

The whole thing stinks of the Elite no matter their race or religion.

The religion that is the most exclusive and racist is the Jewish faith.

Along came a carpenter with a big mouth and a big stick called the truth and the jews had their chance to steer in a new direction. Instead they nailed him to a cross. He forgave them in one of the most monumental moments of redemption in the history of the human race! Did they take up the offer? No, instead, they dug their stubborn little heels in, threw their dummy in the dirt and screamed why does every one keep picking on us!!!!!

You have to admire the Jews for their tenacity. Their 40 years in the wilderness is a lesson for us all in the refusal to submit to a tyrant. But it's time to cast off the big chip on the shoulder.

Relax, we want to help, stop calling me a Goyim!

I believe the Protocols are authentic just because they so accurately lay out the plan.

I am still open to debate on the matter as are all matters.
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