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Default Re: Wishing the Illuminati a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Christ

Knowing what I do about the music industry, it is extremely difficult for me to watch the propaganda that surrounds their most "lucrative cash cows."

It has accelerated of late. I can only ponder why.

They bring political messages to attract a following. They connect themselves with charitable organizations to appear sympathetic.

Love songs are written to trigger your sexual programming. To get you addicted. To fantasize about them.

Most of these musicians give neither of their time or money to the causes they want us to support by either requesting airtime on the radio of our favorite song and then afterward being allowed the opportunity to contribute to a "food bank," or paying $100.00 to see a show and then being asked to donate on our way out.

They do not control their assets. The music industry is owned and operated by the CIA/Mafia. Mind control exists within. Many times, managers are handlers/controllers. Sex slaves are plentiful. Ever wonder why so many artists use so many different female names in their songs even when they're married? Ever sit down and read the lyrics to many of the songs of your favorite artist? How 'bout when an artist writes a love song of a lost love and he's married, been married for a long time. Ever wonder where this comes from? They have to use sex slaves to break hearts, to get the "creative juices" flowing, as they call it.

Artists tour non-stop sometimes for several years. Do you think they have this stamina at the ages most of these rock stars are at these days because, well, they're wired differently than we are? Perhaps, programmed differently? Do you think they make the choice to go out on the road for so long? Don't you think by now they'd have enough money and want to maybe take it easy for a while? Do they love music so much that they have to be immersed in it 24/7. I'm talking about their top "cash cows."

They have millions and between all of them they have zillions and could probably end world hunger. But, they do not control their assets.

In Peace,
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