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Default Re: Is There an Einstein Conspiracy?

This jewish fraude goes across all fields such as" music,arts,law,scientists,entertaiment,engineering ,writers,

The Khazarian jewish media and all the jew and non jew colaboraters have worked to make us belive that jews are superior.

In the 19th century rothchild money started flowing the usa to help jews buyout christian companies of all kind, things like mining, banks, wholesaleer, transportation, food companies, retail, Pharmaceuticals, press you name it.

And all this was loaned interest free. In fact this continues today like for example a company called "the carlyle group" they purchase the remaning non jewish defense companies and sell them to jewish interest.

How can less than 2% of the american population be so much represented. Because they have used deciving tactics and money.

Most of what has been tought in america or taken for good in the 20th century is probably all disinformation.
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