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Many musicians have roots to the "satanic cult." Many do not write their own lyrics. Many songs/lyrics have "hidden messages" directed at mind control victims. Many musicians, in a subtle way, refer to the "cult" of which they are a part; however, this interpretation would not be as evident to those who were not exposed to the "cult."

Many times, talented and creative children are sought after by the group who wish to exploit their gifts and as a result, you become their prisoner. Fortune and fame is difficult to snub your nose at if you are someone who has had very little. If you are someone who was abused at home, their abuse seems normal. Many times, these children have already mastered the technique of "fragmenting." Many times, their parents have connections to the Mafia, Freemasonry, etc.

One need look no further than Michael Jackson to see how exploited and abused he has been within the music industry and how acceptance of pedophilia by someone famous is normal. Although he is probably guilty, he was not sentenced; and those who have abused him not sentenced either.

The story of Peter Pan is a "mind control" theme. One never grows up. Pedophilia's like children. So no matter how old one becomes within the cult, a child-like alter can always be called out to satisfy their handler/controller's sexual deviant behavior and the sexual deviant behavior of all others whom they are made to have contact with whether it be for blackmail purposes in Congress or not; whether it be diplomatic blackmail in other regions of the world.

It is not a coincidence that Michael Jackson's ranch was called "NeverLand." It is not a coincidence that "less fortunate" children were welcome there. These are their prey. Those without resources to fight them.

I was offered a life of luxury and fame in exchange for my talent. I knew what this would entail. I was also offered MONEY in exchange for my silence. I declined.

In Peace,
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