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Default A Brief History of American Freemasonry and The William Morgan Incident

No discussion of Freemasonry would be complete without a review of its history and role in the inception of the United States of America.
This is a link to a brief treatise which covers all of the pertinent material, including the Craft's most notorious crime, the abduction and murder of Captain William Morgan in 1826, a gentleman who attempted to publish Freemasonry's secrets in a book. The backlash from the incident was so intense when finally exposed to the public that Freemasonry suffered a crippling blow and loss of membership, while America experienced a subsequent spiritual reivival that endured until the early twentieth century.
This article borrows largely from the work On Freemasonry by the Rev. Charles G. Finney, 1792-1875, a renowned evangelist and possibly the last mainstream clergyman to publicly examine, expose and condemn Freemasonry for the aintithesis to moral and Christian principles that it represents.

Freemasons Kidnapped and Murdered Captain William Morgan

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