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Default Re: We need to unite

We need to unite to do what?.. The voting is rigged in every country in the world that calls itself a democracy.. Our public representatives don't give a damn about us.. The only thing governments understand is people up in arms.. which means guns in their hands.. The only thing that can stop the U.S. and the U.K. from creating a global nightmare ten times worse than Hitler on steroids.. is for the people to gather a million nongovernmental employees with rifles on their shoulders and converge on Washington DC and London, and demand their Government back from the traitors that pretend to represent us..

These governments do not listen to hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors that were against the invasion of Iraq.. These governments will only listen to the call of arms by the citizenry.

Unfortunately most of the citizens have been dumbed down to the level of a box of rocks.. and get their paychecks from the government... Also the Mainstream press has been taken over by these same governments..

The way to solve the problem its to first defame the national press as liars.. by protests in front of all the newspaper, and T.V. stations.. They are the main traitors to not only their profession as journalists, but to the American, and British publics that they spread the government lies to.. and their job to expose government fraud and injustice.. Let the press be the first to feel the wrath of public displeasure.

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