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Default I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.

For anyone who has read my posts you will find my comment surprising.

My friend has just got back from Indonesia and brought with him a DVD called "Voices Of Iraq".

I have only watched 1/3 of it. I had to turn it off it's too distressing.

I thought it would be uncensored footage of fighting and the results of the American occupation.

150 video camera's were distributed throught Iraq.

There are some extremely touching moments and interviews with people who suffered under Saddam.

I knew Saddam was no angel but what he did to simple political prisoners was beyond belief.

The man was Stalin incarnate.

I've yet to watch it all and perhaps it will balance itself with views from the other side.

I will post a short exerpt on my site shortly detailing what many Iraqi's thought of the Abu Grahaib incident. You may be surprised.

In one interview the Iraqi man said... "that was nice torture. You should see what Saddam would do".

In another (i know it's not something to laugh about but i could'nt help it). One Iraqi man says..."hey, being undressed by a white woman soldier and having your penis played with? Most Iraqi men would like that"!

I'm sorry. It's just an interesting take. No doubt the man is a Shi'te who were treated badly by Saddam. You have to watch it to understand.

Before I am accused of being an Illuminati/satanic/neo con/right wing/imperialist stooge, please have the maturity to seek a balanced view of the situation.

Whenever we cheer the local Iraqi insurgency remember our fellow human beings are dying.

Lets hope for peace in Iraq. Then, American soldiers can return home to loved ones and the U.S will have to leave...U.K from India style.

I'm sorry, i cant agree with the carnage there anymore after seeing this.

Anyone who wishes to recieve an extract from it NOW...please send me your e-mail to my normal account at and i'll send you a WMV file of 1-3 meg.


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