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Default Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.

Also, Allawi has been absoloutly flogged in the elction!

Kurds and Shia's have romped home.

If the insurgency is stopped and peace and rebuilding begun then 'W' will have no choice but to bring the troops home.

'W' and the forces he represents have no interest in coming home till a few scores are settled.

The war must go on. So, will it be like the Mossad run Hamas? Will the insurgency continue unnessesarily?

Iran must be attacked post haste. The bigger the conflageration the better.

To Americans in fear of a big attack on home soil...i doubt it will happen despite all the hoo ha on the net.

I believe the talk is being encouraged by the Bush administration. Maybe a few pin pricks in conjunction with an attack on Iran.

Relax. Bush and his masters do not have enough psychopaths on the payroll to pull off a biggie on home soil. just made the doco i saw more pertinent. I gather most Iraqi's are glad to be rid of Saddam. American forces are not the evil ones though evil deeds have been done.

At least to some extent U.S forces have been made accountable. Once I get this doco up you'll understand my change of heart.

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