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Default Re: Four things to Ozziecynic

I'm far more "Right wing" than you could possibly imagine. Your imagination is too limited to Western secular politics. Look up where the term came from originally. Alternatively, check out my post SOLIPSISM for an explanation of the "right wing attitude".
Well mate thats the only form of politics the world deals in, so if that is the case then i dont know what politics your speaking of.I live in pragmatic western reality not Hyborea fantasy land! :lol:

In that case you have learnt anything. But are going in circles! If you cant see beyond being self centred which is the core of Liberal/Libertarian political philosophy then you are nothing but an Ego tripper yourself and cetainly no better than anyone else on the forum.
Which is a surprise because you and your mate vlad seem to behave as though you have all the answers and your feaces Dont stink!.

I don't care if I have you wondering wether or not I'm whatever you want to think I am.
Yeh what i think you are is full of shite to pardon my French! All hail the sufi master! :lol:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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