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Default Re: I Have Changed My Mind; Good Riddence Saddam. I Hope America Stays In Iraq.

I have only one thing to say OC....


Whoops that damn colour again...

I'll try again, damn colour...grumble grumble..


Ha ha ha last my dastardly plan unfolds!!! Soon i will rule Club Conspiricy and the Earth shall be mine!!!!

Ha ha ha ha mortal peasants! Behold your true master!!!..."psssssss...Lord Rothschild! Your microphone is on!"...Oh I've done it...

No old friend. I just watched a DVD where a large portion of the population who lived under Saddam speak of the results of his rule.

Yes yes yes i saw those images back in 1988...I know ALL about Saddams rise to power and who supported him and that includes most of Europe who sit over their poo pooing the Yanks.

Yes yes yes yes...just reserve judgement until I post that DVD on my site.

Lets remember OC that innocents are being maimed terribly and killed by the insurgency as well.

They are not little angels!

If the insurgency stops then the U.S will have to come home..will it not?

How close have you been to death?

Ever seen a person beg not to die?

I have, it's not pretty. I supported the insurgency absoloutly at the beginning. Enoughs enough...people are dying and the Iraqi people deserve better.

So easy to comment from far away. The average Iraqi wants peace and then an end to the occupation.

As for me being a 'Libertarian'. Libertarian values are the closest to the way I think. However, I dont like to be pigeon holed.

Ultimately i just want to be free to live my life in peace with out dickheads in the State apparatus sticking their nose into my business.

And how is my wanting an end to the slaughter in Iraq supporting the status quo?

More innocent Iraqi's have been killed by Religious fanatics in truck bombs then trigger happy, dex amphetamined, 19 year old troopers from Kansas at raod blocks.

I dont like the Iraq war. I dont like 100,000 dead Iraqi's. But the truth of Iraq is yet to be told.

Watch the DVD I post and then I think you'll understand why I've done an about turn.

ENOUGH KILLING...end the insurgency, rebuild, ask Billy Joe from Kansas to head home to his trailor

Provide an e-mail and i'll send a few tit bits..."oooooo look out he's trying to track me" OC run!


I seriously thought about not posting this as I knew people would respond in this way.

Reserve judgement.

ASIO and F.P are too busy planning their Christmas Do and which hookers they'll invite to bother with this site.

To pay someone to post here would cost and they have to justify there budget.

This site as are all others is populated by people with a big bunch of views and many different personalities.

Trying to owrk out who's the Illuminati stooge is a waste of time.

..."please have the Mossad hit squads visit this man Gerald"..."yes Lord Rothschild. Will you be going as a Lizard or your human form to the gay boys ball"?..."i think i'll go Lizard style today Gerald".
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