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BlueAngel wrote:
The words "little girl" appear quite frequently in the songs of the musician who was my main controller/handler.

In fact, many musicians use these words in their lyrics.

They refer to their sex slaves as girls. As I've said, it doesn't matter your age, child-like alters have been installed to satisfy the sexual deviant behavior of your handler and all those he "farms you out to, shares you with," trades you for. Kind of like being passed around like a hot potato.

We know the sexual programming for females is BETA and the sexual programming for males is ALPHA.

A chain exists. My handler had a controller/handler and quite possibly his controller, too. Male musicians are "sexually programmed" as well with child-like alters to satisfy the chain of command.

We are subjected to pornography and sexual abuse from a very young age. Those with talent are further immersed into the "satanic cult" and exploited for profit. They are owned, operated and controlled.

As I've stated, Wendy was one of my child-like alters.

In Peace,
Then answer me this: If the poetic energies can be used in order to reach the demonic/slave energies, then conversly they may be used to tap into and amplify the angelif/liberated energies.

There are mutiple songs available that work on these angelic energies and can be positive and healing influences.

Instead of ceasing to listen to music, why do you not simply transform the current?

Instead of living your remaining years in suspended animation and inertia, why do you not start acting upon that latent will within you and manifesting the real angelic?

I can tell you this much, you manifest nothing of the beatific or angelic. You energies are solely of the demonic to this day.
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