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BlueAngel wrote:
George_Bush wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
You are delusional to think I would give YOU ANYTHING.

The evidence of my past has always been in safe-keeping.

But, please, don't let US stop you from providing your real name for the rest of the world to know.

In Peace,
You are a liar.

'BlueAngel' is a thinly veiled alter ego.

You are a controller/handler.

You are exposed.

You are as much a part of the 'Illuminati' as you ever were.
And you have come to this determination based on what I posted above. My, you are quite the detective.

In Peace,

Don't let us stop you from exposing your real identity.
You are an Illuminist. And I am glad that I now have enough details within my personal notes to compile a general personality profile of an Illuminist.

The profile will not be complete, of course, it will still need elements of polished detail.

But I now have enough tools to put together a general framework for identification purposes.

That is really all I needed. The rest may be accurately surmised through process of elimination.

By means of personality profiling, I will be able to catch the scent of Illuminati activity.

The main work is collecting data on business, family, culture, names, dates and times.

I will not attack until this preliminary work is complete. It may take 10 years, it may take 50.

It matters not how long, only how accurate.

Then when the data and details provide a wide enough field of vision (for mapping purposes), various channels open up. These channels will be used to storm the entire process and finish it with one blow.
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