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BlueAngel wrote:
Obviously, you have no interest in the grotesque torture, psychological, emotional and mental victimization that "mind control" survivors endured at the hands of our government/military. Or the use of "sex slaves" within the music and entertainment industry.

I shall inform you that there are many others who do have concern for us and KNOW the details.

This is a joke to you! Keep laughing. It won't long.

In Peace,
I am not without feeling, BlueAngel.

I regret that many have had to endure these tortures.

But, for the greater good, their deaths and the deaths of their masters will ensure life for future generations.

Sacrifices must be made.

I'm sorry, but they and the Illuminati are simply seen as units and bricks in the wall that is scheduled for demolition.

And we must stay on schedule.

You're right, it won't be long. And the reason it won't be long is because the consciousness is expanding toward its potential end.

P.S. As an aside, those who have been victims of torture and abuse have channels of escape and healing if they so choose. If they seek for Christ, they shall find him, and they will be healed.

But if they are false, they will be obliterated without delay.
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