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Default Re: Four things to Ozziecynic

Ozziecynic wrote:
""You sound like the PerfectModel citizen then!
So what is your Problem not being paid enough!
Taxes too high Big deal get over It. Some dont even have jobs""!

Actually I'm unemployed. I drive a $200 car.

I am a former brikies labour'r. Mine worker - Fire Assay and shotfiring, night club bouncer and finally Registered Nurse- ICU, CCU, E.D and General Wards.

I've seen more things and spoken first hand to more people on how the world works then you've had hot dinners.

Because I am a friendly chap who likes people, people tend to tell me things. Even people in high places.

You are an unaproachable/arrogent/opinionated arsehole who is so defensive because the ground on which you stand is so shaky.

You read to much and simply rehash what you read.

As for taxes being to high, I am on the bones of my ass and happily so.

I spoke out heavily against the system of health care and was ostricised for it. It cost me work, relationships and the nice life I had lined up.

Dont speak to me about your bleeding heart socialist shit. Australia is the luckiest country on Earth. Cant make ends fucking hoo...go to Asia. Go to Africa...theres fucking hardship mate.

Mate ive dun it ard! You know nothing about people who write into this site. You are simply a very frightened individual hiding behind some intellectual brik brat you picked up out of a Noam Chomsky book.

Save it for the Labor party meetings.

Real life goes on.
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